The Parish Hall Now

The Parish Hall Proposal

(N.B. Proposals dependent on funding, everything here may take some time to realise)

Egglescliffe Parish Hall

As many people are aware, the Egglescliffe Renovation Group (ERG) was set up in 2016 to look into ways of improving facilities for the local community of Egglescliffe and surrounding areas.

The ERG is made up of local residents, members of the local resident's association, members of the parish hall association, local councillors and independent individuals.

During 2016, application was sought and granted to develop Egglescliffe Parish Hall, bringing it into the 21st century. The hall has had little remedial work for a number of years and is in requirement of some major works to maintain it as suitable for use by the local community and beyond and for regular users. 

Almost 3 years on, the ERG has finally raised sufficient funding to begin some of the work required, but this will be done in stages owing to the large sums needed to completely renovate the hall.

Stage 1 will see the creation of an access ramp to the side of the building, a new entrance way installed and some much needed electrical work undertaken.

It is hoped that stage 2 will see work undertaken on the toilets, with the kitchen area to follow soon after.

As previously stated, the complete renovation works will take a not insignificant amount of cash and the ERG, in conjunction with the Parish Hall Association and the Residents' Association shall continue to strive to hold fundraising events and to seek grant funding to make the transformation of the local community hub a reality.

Any support from the community or local business will be most welcomed, be it attending (or sponsoring), the fundraisers (see the 'Events Ticketing Information' tab above), cash donations to the ERG, raising awareness of available grant funding that may have come to light recently, or even joining the ERG to assist with the project, will be most gratefully received.